Wanting our Indonesian Visas

We are currently waiting to get our Indonesian visas and passports back from the Indonesian Embassy. ¬†They said three working days and its now been five already, but i wasn’t expecting much else. We have phoned them but they hardly ever phone back, last we heard they said next week maybe the week after, we enquired as to why and they said the printer had broken. Another call later in the day it might now be ready on friday afternoon. We intend to leave when we see an oppourtunity in the weather, its looking like monday/tuesday of next week.

There are some other yachts here that are also waiting to go to Indonesia and join the same sailing rally, everybody has itchy feet !!

Met a canadian guy last night who had only just come in, he had a catermaran built by a company called Prout who were based in Essex. He was a single handed sailor who sounded like a bit of a nomad, been working/sailing/travelling for over 40 years. Said he sails to get away from people but seemed to enjoy our company and told us many stories of his travels. Spent along time in Singapore/Malaysia/Asia/Indonesia/everywhere it seemed, worked in the oil industry on oil rigs in various parts of the world. You meet all sorts.

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