A Day with Dave. 12th July.

As Dave and his family had been so kind to us we invited them to lunch on the boat on saturday afternoon. He turned up with his father and younger sister. He was delighted to come into the yacht as he had never been in before. Basically its a white mans club, if you are white you can get in with or without your key, if you are black then you get questioned and can only be invited inby clubmembers, sad but true.

We took them to the boat and chatted for the afternoon about PNG and their different cultures. Sadly Daves sisters only ambition seemed to be that she wanted to marry a whiteman because they could take care of her because of money. It seems that a lot of ex-pats are coming to PNG to get young wives like they do in Thailand, etc. The country itself is very rich having found coal, gas, metals and all sorts of other raw materials but sadly the wealth seems to be gojng to corrupt politicians or heading straight out of the country. ┬áPort Moresby has an unemployment rate of 95%, many thousands have come to the capital from the hills and surrounding areas to try and find work but then have been unable to return when they haven’t found any jobs. A few years ago it was a town with 100, 000 people, now it is somewhere between 800, 000 and a million.

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