Beers of Vanuatu

Tusker is the pride and joy of Vanuatu – plane and simple.

Tusker beer

But not to be confused with the Tusker beer of Kenya, Tusker is brewed by the Vanuatu Brewing Company in Port Vila, Efate.

Tusker is a pale lager beer produced by the Vanuatu brewing company based in Port Vila Efate. It was a refreshing beer but didn’t have a strong flavour or any distinct flavour really, quite an average beer but nice when cold and the weather hot. Strong at 5 % you had to be careful not to get carried away……….

Described by some as-

Golden colour, small white head. Aroma is herbal, grainy, mild strange vegetably sweetness to it. Flavour is grains, some strange sweetness and a bit cardboard as well.’


Clear light golden with a white head. Very thin and boring with cardboard, bread and some boiled vegetables. Actually really awful.’

it doesn’t paint a good picture of it but it wasn’t that bad really !!

Tusker beer

And now even Tusker beer for girls !!

Tusker beer

I also tried the Vanuatu Bitter –

Vanuatu bitter


To be honest I failed to notice the difference !! It was the same golden colour, a similar taste, not bitter like at all, strange !! Perfectly drinkable and refreshing but nothing whatsoever like a bitter !!


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