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This is the website of SimonTheSailor.

Its mainly a blog of my travels, hopefully most of which will be by sea, some of which will be by land.

You can follow my journeys across seas and countries, oceans and continents.

You will understand about life on board a sailing vessel and what it takes to live onboard a ship for any length of time.

You will read about the highs and lows, what it feels like when hundreds of miles out to see, the community spirit of the people that choose to live life at sea and so much more.

You will learn about the people that cruise the world for years on end, maybe how they got there, where they are going, why they are doing it.

So go and sit up on deck, put your feet up,  have a G & T , watch the sun go down and let the wind fill your sails !!


4 thoughts on “Home Page of SimonTheSailor”

  1. Hi Simon!

    Great reading about your journeys and beer sampling! I am looking to get hold of pacific beers and was wondering whether you have any ideas where to get hold of e.g a beer from Papua New Guinea?! I live in Germany and would need the beer(s) sent by parcel… Thanks for any ideas!

    1. Hi Matt – sorry to take a while to get back. I’m afraid i haven’t looked at getting any beers from there back to Europe. Only thing i can think of is email the brewery maybe and ask if there are any distributors they know of ?

    1. Hi Karen – sorry its taken a while to get back. Haven’t done any new sails since my Cuba trip (still to be added to the site!). Life has changed a little recently so am back at home for the time being.

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Travelling the world by sea……..(and a bit of land)

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