Layout of a Boat

So whats it like inside a boat ? Heres what you might normally get –

Sleeping quarters.

If you are lucky you may have your own private  cabin, imagine that ! Like a big cupboard to live in – the luxury ! Normally you will share a cabin with another  crew member, you’re now down to half a big cupboard. There might be some storage under the bed and a few lockers above your head to store your every day things in.

Layout of a boat
V Berth on a small boat


Other than your sleeping quarters there will be a saloon for people to sit and eat, maybe 6 to 8 people at a push depending on the size of boat. This will also be a place for downtine and relaxation, also doubling up as extra sleeping accomodation if the conditions are getting rough.

Layout of a boat
Saloon area

The Galley.

There will be a galley to prepare meals, like a small kitchen with just the necessary space to live comfortably. Normally only enough space for two at most if you are friendly with each other. Quite often if you try to enter the galley area when there is already somebody there you will get the ‘What are you doing ?’ look.

Layout of a boat
Galley area

The Nav Table.

There is always a ‘nav table’, a navigation table, somewhere for the skipper to sit, lay out his charts, plan the journey, ponder life at sea.

Nav Table
Nav Table

The Head.

‘The Head’ is another term for toilet. It is called the head as the toilet use to be located in the bow spit (the head of the boat) and open to the seas. You will have a toilet, normally with a push/pull handle to get rid of things and flush with more water, a sink and a shower of sorts.

You didn’t really want a picture of a toilet did you ?

Private Quarters.

The owners will have their own cabin/s and head. Normally out of bounds and why would you want to go there ? Normally bigger than where you are sleeping, a double bed with a bit more space.


Up on deck there will be a seating area, sometimes called the cockpit, sometimes called the helm, sometimes called the saloon. It really all depends on the size of boat you are on, sometimes only enough for two to sit around the helm, sometimes enough for six (and more) to sit quite happily stretched out admiring the scenery.

There may be a bit more space on deck to sit or lay out, this is especially true of catamarans where they have a large front area.

Cockpit/helm area
Cockpit/helm area
Cockpit/helm area, the bigger the better !
Cockpit/helm area, the bigger the better !

Engine Room.

There will be an engine room which obviously houses the engine. This is where you do your daily engine checks 😉

So thats the basic layout of a boat, theres not too much variation on it, just a different number of cabins and heads depending on the size on the boat.



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