Beers of Belize

There really does only seem to be one beer of Belize, at least only one beer that gets any recognition.

The small but hard hiting Belikin – The Beer of Belize

Beers of belize Belikin beer

The Belizeans are very proud of their Belikin, only served in small bottles, i was told this is because it could never get cold.

Brewed in a classic European lager style it uses Canadian Pilsner malt in combination with a blend of German hops to create the perfect malt hop balance. This was clearly evident whilst tasting progressed at 4.8%.

A crisp taste it went down well and there was always another one on the way.  I always wondered why it was served with a serviette wrapped around the top and it was only going to be a matter of time before i found out wasn’t it ?

The Belikin gets delivered by boat to the islands off Belize and due to the salt water they can leave a small amount of rust around the top of the bottle where the metal cap is. The bottle is served with a serviette ready for you to wipe around the top before drinking, how considerate.

Other beers of Belize ? No idea……

A quick search on Google images for Belikin beer found this young chap probably enjoying his first Belikin beer –

Beers of belize belikin beer
Belikin beer drinker


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