The Beers Of Papua New Guinea

Or should I say the beer (singular) of Papua New Guinea ??!!

There only seemed to be one beer in PNG and that was the SP beer, the South Pacific beer.

The only real place to buy it was from bottle shops as there were so few bars or restaurants. However there was normally one industrious chap selling some somewhere –

Sp lager beer

Its yet another beer brewed by Heineken and follows the same trend as their other lagers they brew. A European taste with a 4.5% rating its quite strong with a sweet taste.

Sp lager beer

They do do an export version which is 5% and has a little more flavour but risky when drinking it in the heat of the day !!

Described by some as ‘This is not a beer to sit and savour, this is simply a nice drink on a hot day to quench the thirst and refresh. No lingering finish – just a clean crisp lager finish’

And ‘Fits the regular pale lager mould with no surprises. Mildly sweet, no hop flavour to speak of, nothing nasty at all really. It’s fresh tasting enough and really quite drinkable.’

So there you have it, an average lager to quench ones thirst plain and simple. It won’t be winning any awards any time soon.

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