Port Morseby Excursion

Whilst in the marina some more yachties arrived, two American couples and a South African couple. Wanting to go and explore they had hired a mini bus with driver and asked us to come along to lower the costs and see a bit more of PNG. We travelled out of Port Morsby and got high up into the local hillside and went up to Varirata National Park, most of the roads were broken with huge pot holes everywhere !! We saw some spectacular views with waterfalls and lush green areas.

Next stop was a huge War cemetary where lots of Australians were buried. This was because of the fight between the Japanese during WW11.

We stopped for lunch at Crystal Rapids, a picnic spot next to a river with a succession of rapids where the local kids played nearby. On the second day we went out to Port Moresby Nature Park (formely the National Capital Botanical gardens) in the morning followed by the Orchid and Avairy Park. The nature park housed many animals native to PNG like the Cassowary, Hornbill, Cus-Cus, tree kangaroo, many birds and the Bird of Paridise, the emblem on their national flag.

 photo WP_000850_zps4c1a01a2.jpg

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