Port De Soller Majorca

In between being glued to the internet and hanging around in cafes trying to make new friends, contacts and acquaintances, I decided to have a day out away from Palma so headed out toward Port De Soller.

I had heard about a tourist train that runs up to Soller a small town near the west coast. From there you can also get a tram down to the Port of Soller. Having arrived around half an hour before the first train was to leave I already saw people climbing aboard, the thought of sitting on the old wooden seats for half an hour before we even started didn’t fill me with joy so I went next door to the bus station.

The tourist train charges 10 euro for a single trip to Soller but you can find an Express bus number 211 to take you all the way to Port Soller. If you prefer a slightly more scenic journey you can take the 210 bus that goes via the town of Valldemossa and then follows more of a scenic drive following the coast. The price for the express bus (no 210) is 3.25 euroes and the longer scenic route (no 211) is 4.30 euros so a bit of a saving over the tourist train.

I chose the express bus this time but I’ve heard the town of Valldemossa is well worth a visit so will be doing that another day.

The bus drops you at the top of a hill then its a short 5 minute walk down to Port of Soller. Port Soller is a natural harbour very well protected from the outside sea and winds due to the high ground around it. Port de soller majorca

Most of the boats here are local fishing boats in keeping with the local area with just a few bigger motor boats.

Port de soller majorca

The place is very popular with both Germans and English, especially in July/August. Enjoying the cafe lifestyle –

Port de soller majorca

A short walk to the top of the town reveals the ocean outside –

Port de soller majorca

Port de soller majorca

Typical streets and houses in the town –

Port de soller majorca

After spending a couple of hours wandering around the harbour I took the tram back to Soller town. The tram runs right through the center of town sometimes almost touching restaurant tables as it passes. Arriving in Soller –

Soller majorca

When i got there the tourist train was just about to leave and head back to Palma.

Soller majorca

The old narrow streets of Soller –

Soller majorca

Center of town in front of the cathedral,  plenty of restaurants and seating area, careful of the trams as they pass through though !

Soller majorca

Strange looking building next to the cathedral, very gothic looking and now a bank –


I went for a small walk out of town to the next village of Biniaraix. It seems to  be a popular place for hikers as many people kept appearing with proper walking boots and walking sticks. View out over the Majorcan countryside –


It was a great day out away from the bustle of Palma and hordes of tourists getting of the cruise ships. Definitely going to get out more into the countryside and see a bit more of the traditional Majorca.

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