Estellences and Banyalbufar Majorca

Another day trip out of Palma saw me onto the TIB bus service that runs throughout Majorca. Most routes leave from the TIB underground bus station opposite Plaza Espana.

Look for the escalators next to the train station –

TIB bus terminal palma

Buses always seem to leave on time and there is a live departure board inside the station near the bottom of the escalators.  There are also smaller ones by the bus stops making things very clear. You can buy tickets on the bus and you do not have to have the EXACT change Рyippee !!

I had decided to go to a couple of picturesque villages on the west coast called Estellences and Banyalbufar.  Only a short bus ride away and at 3 euros its a cheap way to get into the local countryside.

After a few miles out of town the bus starts to travel on some very narrow twisty roads near the coast almost making it a scenic tour rather than an everyday bus journey.

The bus first drove into Banyalbufar and then continued to Estellences where it turns around and heads back to Palma. I visited Estellences first and climbed the steep streets – kind of reminded me of the Italian countryside.
Estellences majorca

The narrow streets of Estellences –

Estellences majorca

I wandered around the old town for a while before I followed a winding road down to the shore. No beach there but a rugged coastline which I’m sure gets battered by the wind and sea during the winter months.

The rugged coastline of Estellences after the long walk down from the town –

Estellences majorca

Estellences majorca

After climbing the road back into town I stopped for lunch and waited for the bus to return to Banyalbufar.

At the edge of Banyalbufar you can see the terraced hillside that has been made with so many stoned walls.

Banyalbufar majorca

Banyalbufar majorca

Banyalbufar majorca


More narrow streets and tall buildings, all very well maintained and traditional.

Banyalbufar majorca

After 2-3 hours of roaming the quiet streets and sitting in cafes it was time to return to Palma. The bus turned up again on time and drove back on some of the twisty mountain roads.

I’m sure there are many more villages like this scattered all over Majorca which are only a cheap bus ride away………

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