Palma Majorca (Mallorca)

Having spent nearly 4 months back at home in the UK it was time to go off and explore once again. I had caught up with family and friends, got back into my house for a brief spell, done a bit of house sitting for some friends, caught up with some old work colleagues – my work was done.

Having completed my STCW safety courses I was off to see if I could find any work on boats in the med. The biggest base for the super yachts was Palma Majorca, or Antibes in the South of France, I somehow preferred the thought of the Spanish island so a one way ticket was purchased and off I flew to my new home for a while.

The stunning cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma, also known as La Seu
Le Seu palma majorca

Le Seu palma majorca

Le seu palma majorca
Whilst I was there the Palma International Boat Show 2016 was about to begin. I attended on the first day and saw some great boats on display, some available for charter,  some for sale, some for both.  Nice if you had a few million euros to buy or 100K to charter for a week !!

WP_20160428_12_35_49_Pro (2)



WP_20160428_12_35_11_Pro (2)

Even had a nice AC Cobra replica –


What I do like about our Euro friends is the fact you can sit outside in the sun and have a coffee and a biscuit for a very reasonable £1.25 !!


After spending the first few days in and around Palma I ventured slightly further afield and went to the neighbouring town of Cala Mayor. There are a few small coves and beaches hidden away making it a good spot to get away from the crowds.

The beaches and coves of nearby Cala Mayor –

WP_20160429_12_49_45_Pro (2)

WP_20160429_12_33_26_Pro (2)

WP_20160429_12_33_21_Pro (2)

In the other direction are  the beaches east of the airport in an area called Arenal, this is the German/Danish side of town. Walk around here and it feels like you are in little Germany, I stopped for a coffee and an apelstrudel.




The Germans even have their own beer halls here –


Further east of the beaches you have the rocky coastline which you can walk along and follow for a while –

WP_20160515_12_45_16_Pro (2)

WP_20160515_12_45_21_Pro (2)

Many more places to explore here in Majorca, hope to get out into the mountains and countryside soon. This is off course in between searching for jobs and day work 😉


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