Malekula to Luganville, Espiritu Santo.

Left at 8 o’clock in the morning to head for Luganville on the Island of Espiritu Santo. It was a steady sail in overcast weather which was actually quite nice being out of the heat of the sun. Our fishing luck changed and Brian caught another Mahi Mahi even before he had a chance to put the rod into the rod holder !! This happened soon after we had left the island entrance, Poraic filleted the fish and the freezer was topped up with fish once again. A good size fish makes 7-8 meals for 4 people so saves a lot of money on food.

We arrived in Luganville Bay and found the anchorage at around 4 o’clock. Weather was overcast but warm, think we’re staying here for the weekend as we need to check out of Vanuatu with Customs and Immigration so will have to be done on monday.

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