Port Sandwich Vanuatu

We had stayed in Port Sandwich another day due to the fact of liking the place so much. There really isn’t much here apart from a couple of simple villages and lots of friendly locals. We took the dingy out in the morning as we were going to try and get up one of the rivers that ran from the harbour inlet. Despite our best efforts we couldn’t see any safe passage into them and some we couldn’t even find, i think the locals were the only ones who knew the safe routes so we left it to them.

Me and Brian thought we would try some fishing as there had to be some fish in this inlet. We trawled behind the boat and after a while got a bite but nothing came of it. A few minutes later and the reel was spinning franticly, i started pulling it in but after a while i had the feeling it was lost. I pulled the lure in and it had been smashed nearly in half with loads of teeth marks all down it. We have no idea what it was and never will but could well have been a Barracuda.

port sandwich vanuatu
The one that got away !!


We tried fishing a bit more but no luck. We did find out why the kids never jumped from the jetty or swam by the shore though, the inlet was apparantly a breeding ground for sharks. Might stop the fishing until we get out into the ocean tomorrow. We also found out that we were only the second yacht in this year, the first being a yacht owned by two French couples who came from New Caledonia, they had only arrived a day before us. It was the start of the yacthing season according to ‘Rocky’. He was a nice guy who had a house nearby, yachties would visit him when in the area, he had an English and French book exchange and you could fill up with some water and use his showers if you wanted. He said he was going to start a yacht club there. Him and his wife had a few huts in the grounds of his house and looked like keen gardeners, they had a large variety of plants and flowers along with chickens/hens/cats, the normal stuff that people kept in their gardens. Poraic noticed a photo of a girl and next to it an Irish address – turns out the girl lives next door to a friend of his !! Small world.

port sandwich vanuatu
Rocky and his wife


Port Sandwich vanuatu
Rockys garden with traditional thatched building


We leave for Port Stanly tomorrow morning, a days sail of around 30 miles.

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  1. Hi,, we visited rocky and his wife about two months ago, stayed with them for about a week ,, that thatched building you see got blown away in the last cyclone pam ,, other wise they seem quite happy and have extended there shop ,, till next time
    Allan from NZ

    1. Hey thats great news !! I ‘ve just been back to Vanuatu but we sailed past Port Sandwich this time stopping further up the coast. He didn’t have a shop when I went there so sounds like hes expanding !!
      All the best,

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