Luganville Espiritu Santo.

Been here for the weekend, todays monday and we had to go and see Customs and Immigration. Times like this i’m glad i’m not the skipper, the offices are always at the other end of town and things always have to be completed in triplicate. Luckily only the skipper has to attend so the rest can waste time in cafes and find the local wi-fi.

This island is not as well developed as Efate but thats part of the charm, a small high street runs down the sea front with the normal vegatable market and other small shops. There are lots of small taxis buzzing around the place, for some reason the car of choice for taxi’ing is the Daewoo Matiz, possibly the smallest car available !!   They are all in various states from fairly new to having no sills at all or having some front wings repaired out of cardboard.

luganville vanuatu
This one was in reasonable condition !!


Walking around the town today was exhausting, it didn’t actually feel that hot but it was so humid i was saturated with sweat, most uncomfortable. There was only one thing for it, swimming trunks on and off the back of the boat !! Boy did that feel good.

Left Luganville to travel a bit further up the east coast, we need to be leaving for the Solomon Islands but the winds aren’t favourable at the moment. As we had checked out with Immigration we thought we better move around the corner at least, we motored about 20 miles to a safe anchorage and did a bit of fishing and swimming, no luck catching any fish though. We will move to Hogs bay tomorrow, another little motor sail up the coast to another anchorage. Very, very hot and humid today, will be nice when the wind returns !!

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