Auckland Harbour

Well another tourist trip had to be done so after a leisurely sunday morning doing some washing i nipped down to the harbour again to purchase another tour.

Hadn’t done the harbour trip yet although had been out on a couple of ferries already. The trip was good as it went out slightly wider than i had been already and gave some history of the harbour which i had not heard about. Got quite windy in the harbour but the weather was still warm.

After the trip i went to the Skytower which has great views over Auckland, it cost 30 dollars to get in and ride in a lift so i decided against it. I seem to be hemeraging (sp?) money at an alarming rate !! Had yet another oriental meal for dinner, looking forward to getting on the boat so won’t have to eat so much rice,noodles,stir fry,etc.

A lazy evening in tonight catching up with the blog and writing some postcards……………

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