Rangitoto Island Auckland.

Another day of sightseeing beckoned. Today was going to be a trip to Rangitoto Island, a short ferry ride from the main land at Auckland.

After getting off the ferry we were met by our guide before boarding our trailor/tractor ride. The drive was about half an hour to the bottom of the volcano and from there there was about a 25 minute walk to the summit. The views from the top were amazing and well worth the effort up there in the warm heat. Rangitoto Island is the youngest part of New Zealand as it was only formed 800 years ago. Today it is a conservation area and all the plants and wildlife are protected. Mice and rats have recently been exterminated to preserve the native birds that are being reintroduced to the island.

Views from Rangitoto Island –



Rangitoto Island
Rangitoto Island



Rangitoto Island Auckland
Rangitoto Island Auckland


On the way back stopped off in Devonport, a lovely town just opposite Auckland a quick hope on the ferry. Devoport is a lovely seaside town, clean, friendly, relaxed and welcoming. What a lovely place it would be to live. Cake and coffee in one of the charming cafes on the main street before jumping back on the ferry to Auckland. Definately coming back here for a few more hours in the next couple of days !!

Well what a difference a day makes. Saturday night in Auckland and the place is heaving !! I’m sure there weren’t this many bars/clubs here when i first arrived, its like they’ve sprung up out of nowhere. The streets were full of people wandering everywhere , pavements were over spilling with clubbers, places weren’t going to close until 5 or later. Sightseeing had got the better of me and i gave up trying to keep with the reveallers the clock striked 12.

Night all !!

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