City of Sails Auckland

My last full day in the City of Sails Auckland. Not too sure how many times i’ve pounded up and down the street to the harbour and back to my hostel, probably a good fifteen times i reckon.

Well off i went again back down to my favourite tickect office to book another trip. I was going to go back and take a longer look around Devonport as it was such a lovely place to chill out and relax.

The ferry is only about 12 minutes but you are transported into a different environment. The place feels about 40 years older and most of the buildings and houses are protected from redovelopment so it retains the feel of an older untouched place. Long may it continue.

I joined a tour which only lasted an hour by coach but showed you the highlights of the place so you could go back there if you wished. A great view could be seen across to Rangitoto Island where i had been the day before and great views of Auckland too. Popped into the Navy museum and then had a stroll along the beach and a paddle before headingback to the harbour. Shame i had to leave Devoport, it did feel like a quiet little piece of England probably 40 years ago.

Back into Auckland I had a couple of beers on the way home and a Mexican dinner, got to think about packing as i need to catch a bus tomorrow to get me up to Opua in the Bay of Islands where i’m going to meet the boat.

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