Tuesday 7th May

Soon time for the big off. Boat cleaned and tidied. Last minute shopping done, Porac bought 4 loaves of bread and 3 crates of beer. Think he over did it with the bread. Its tuesday night and the last plans are being made. Up early to get the boat filled with 800 litres of diesel before we set off. New Caledonia is 960 miles away, at an average of 5 knots thats 8 days of sailing. Weather looks good but can obviously change over a few days. Won’t be able to report in for a few days – wish me luck !! I would leave my CD collection to someone but i sold them all to music magpie !!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday 7th May”

  1. Good luck Simon!

    I am married to Rachel who use to work with a drinking pal of yours (Caroline) who use to work at FFW in London.
    Being a member of the RNLI here in Essex I have been following your blog with great interest.
    My wife is also from NZ and we were out there (North Island) in March this year.
    Keep us posted on your adventures and enjoy the experience.

    Best wishes


    Burnham on Crouch (Essex)

    1. Hi David, thanks for replying. Caroline said she had past details of my blog onto Rachel. Hope you find it interesting. Just arrived in New Caledonia after 7/8 days at sea and about 960 miles. A bit daunting at first as i’ve never done more than about 150 miles and 2 days at sea before !! More of a detailed report to follow when i’ve recovered from the journey and the arrival beers !!

  2. Hi Simon

    No blogging for 7 days? A little worried! Please blog soon. I want to hear all about any lovely beaches, big scary waves, and fun adventures!

    Safe passage!


  3. Arrived in New Caledonia at about midday on wednesday 15th May. All is well, had a safe trip, just chilling out preparing for a few days of sight seeing . I’ll add to the blog in the next day or two of the last 7/8 days at sea !!

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