Tuesday 30th April

Tuesday 30th April.   A few more jobs on the boat to be done today, a couple of the lines replaced and i spent a couple of hours whipping the ends of the line. Not that there was two hours worth of whipping to be done, but it was very hot so why hurry doing it. Went and had a pot of tea in the cafe near the marina, a good place for wi-fi and downloaded some marine charts to play with later. Last minute shop for some items, a spare cap as bound to lose more than one along the way, a new pair of sunglasses as bound to sit/step/break the other pair, and other sundry items. Went to fill a couple of large cans of diesel down at the local garage and back to the boat for a bit of a clear up. The cockpit of the boat was looking more like a cockpit than a worksop which it had done before. Should be moving the boat tomorrow just up the river a couple of hours before moving to Opua before the final off. The hurricane season has ‘officially’ ended so boats are starting to move as winter is coming to New Zealand.

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