Monday 29th April

Poric was up early as he had to get over to Frings brewery to start his brew !! We didn’t see him again until lunchtime but he came back sober and offered his advice on how to improve his brewing process. The morning was spent touring a couple of the marine shops to buy some new rope and do some grocery shopping. Its frightening how much you need to buy for a boat to prepare it for long term touring. I finished painting the outboard motor and then was sent up the mast again to change the deck light to an LED bulb. Not sure why i’m the one being sent up the mast as i’m the tallest and heaviest ?! Must be because i’m the youngest i guess. The second beer o’clock came and it was time to winde down for the day. A hot shower was had followed by a beer in Frings before returning to the boat for a meal. Another couple of days to go before we moved the boat a little further north for a shakedown before the big off.

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