Back to sleepy Kampot Cambodia

After my time down in Sihanoukville i wanted to return to Kampot, the sleepy little town by the river. This is the place some people go to but never leave. It was good to be back and bumping into some now familiar faces.

I had my daily routine of a breakfast and a couple of cups of tea at Captain Chims restaurant, a riverside walk mid morning, back to the hotel for some internet use/tv, lunch at a locals place of choice,  which was normally the Rusty Keyhole, followed by a couple of beers, mid afteroon riverside stroll, back to the hotel then aimlessly wonder around town early evening catching up with some of the local expats who seemed to have a similar routine to myself.

One new friend that i meet was a guy called Ritchie who had taken over a bar and restaurant attached to a local guest house. He was a nice guy who had only been there about 4-5 months and still finding his feet, when i got to know him he told me how he had been homeless for ten years in the UK i believe because of some family issues when he was younger. He was a good guy and i wish him all the best in his new venture, amazing how someone picks themselves up when things must look so bleak.

I had spent another week or so in Kampot but it was time to head back to the capital Phnom Penh as i had to head nearer to Siem Reap my final destination in Cambodia.

Bye bye Kampot, you charming friendly little town you !!

Riverside walk with old bridge in view –

kampot cambodia
Old bridge at Kampot

Bokor mountain range in background –

bokor mountain
Bokor Mountain range

You never have to go far in Asia to find more temples –

kampot cambodia
Nearby temples in Kampot
kampot cambodia
Nearby temples
kampot canbodia
Nearby temples

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