Phnom Penh Revisited

I returned to the Phnom Penh for a few days and returned to the river front area. It had been about 6 weeks since i was last here and the rainy season had started when i was down towards the coast. In only a short time the difference was very noticeable in the river.

Previously you could see some land at the edge of the river banks and at the junction of the two rivers, now it was completely flooded and water was moving fast. In the dry season the water drains from the Tonle Sap lake, one of the largest fresh water lakes in Asia, then in the wet season it reverses and the lake then floods from 5000 sq meteres to 12000 sq meters.

The river in the dry – you see the large grassy bank next to the block of flights in the background and the grass area in the foreground next to the paved riverfront –

phnom penh revisited
Phnom Penh dry season
Now those areas completey submerged and the river has already risen quite a few feet –
phnom penh revisited
Phnom Penh wet season

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