Bye bye England.

Well the day had finally come where i was going to say goodbye to good old Blighty for a while. I was eager to get away as basically the only things i had were the items in my bag, no cars, no furniture, all gone and sold. It was odd thinking that even though i still had my house, i would have nothing more to do with it for a while.

Well i boarded the plane and made a point of remembering when the wheels left the tarmac.  I’d gone, left, and didn’t know when i would be back, what was in store, what the future held and when i would see family and friends again. A very odd feeling to someone who had previously been use to routine, something i hope not to get into again !!

Good bye friends, family and routine !!

Leaving the house and friends behind…..

Well i left my little house looking very empty on Saturday 14th April. Sad to go in a way but i knew a new adventure and part of my life was about to begin !
My good friend and long time drinking buddy Dave very kindly gave me a lift to Heathrow accompanied by his fiance Kate. I thought it was very kind of Kate to have a 2 1/2 hour round trip with me to see me off. Little did i realise that she was coming along so she could go to Ikea on the way back ! Hope it didn’t cost you too much Dave !

Well Heathrow is an interesting place, or should i say the area around it – Solihull. Good god. Everything is run by Indians, including the pubs, they drink in them too which i thought was against their religeon ?

Had a few Guinesess and then couldn’t help myself as i walked back to my 36 pound room at the Travelodge to a kebab at the world renown Heathrow kebab center.

This is where the journey began –

heathrow kebab center

Travelling the world by sea……..(and a bit of land)

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