Hong Kong day 2.

After a good nights sleep i felt ready to tackle the mighty HK city and make the most of being here. Off i trotted back down to the waterfront to do all things touristy.

Bus tours here i come !!

A ticket was purchased from the big red bus company for the 48 hour delux sight seeing tour, there was no stopping me now !! 4 bus trips, 1 boat trip, a cable car ride, 4 single ferry trips and a ride on a traditional Sampan boat (basically a crap old boat).
The day was great touring around different areas in the open top bus learning about the different areas/regions.
The suburb of Kowloon has 2.1 million people in an area of 40 sq kilometers making it the second most densely populated area in the world. Think of the rubbish.
The bus trip also told me where the man entertainment (pub) center was which was good.

Most things price wise were fairly reasonable, a sausage McMuffin with coffee was about £2.20 so that was breakfast sorted everyday.

After a good days sightseeing i headed back to my Chinese size room to lay down in an awkward position to rest my feet before heading back out to Hong Kong islands entertainment center.
Undecided about the type of entertainment i might be interested in i headed to the pub to think about it.

One part of town is renown for its nightlife and partying until the early hours. The beer is expensive at about 6-7 pounds a pint, although they did do a nice 1664 blanc and Leffe blonde – ouch !!
Sadly a lot of the bars were full of young Americans smashing shots down, yelling and generally being sick.
Managed to get the last underground tube home and found my guest house quickly which was a result !!
Also no suits, watches or massages were purchased on the trip home.

A great 2nd day in barmy HK.

Hong Kong First Stop

Good flight with Cathy Pacific, lots of leg room, attentive staff, spare seat next to me, good food, and managed to watch 4 movies.

Landed at 7 o’clock to a humid Hong Kong and got through the airport quickly with no hussle. Jumped on a train and 24 minutes later arrived in the hussle and bussle of downtown HK.
As i couldn’t get into my hotel until early afternoon i wondered around with my heavy ruck and went down to the waterfront to get my bearings and put my feet up.
I sort of stumbled upon my guest house by luck more than judgement. Thought i’d try my luck and see if i could get in even though it was 10 o’clock still. No luck but managed to drop my rucksack off which was a relief.

Went back out to hit the streets and it reminded me of Bangkok, busy, hot, street sellers, people trying to drag you to their suit shops, people selling ‘copy watches’, ‘fake watches’ all at a ‘good price’ !!
I think as i had been up for the best part of 24 hours i was tired, hot, restless, didn’t like the hussle and bussle i was in, and just a little bit peeved off with it all.

I went back to my guest house to see if i could get in then at least i could unpack and have a quick lay down, well that was the idea !
I spent the next 2 hours trying to find the place i had just been to 3 hours earlier, tired, pissed off, blistered feet, sweating, i was not enjoying HK at all !!

Finally i stumbled across my guest house again and got in, kicked off my shoes and lay my weary head (in the bed that i’m sure was designed for Chinese style people, height wise), brilliant.
I went out later after a quick nap and found a couple of bars, more suit sellers, more dodgey watch sellers and old women trying to get me to have a massage, hope they weren’t the ones that were doing it, although it might have explained were they were struggling to sell so much.
Sod off the lot of you i’m going to bed.

Not a good first day in HK, hope i can enjoy the next two days better !!

Takes one to know one –

Hong Kong
Prat Avenue Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Overcast in Hong Kong


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