Still working on leaving…….

Well the house is looking less and less like a home. Sofas have been sold as well as other furniture, beds, tables, lamps and the cupboards are very empty. One car has been sold and the other is due to be picked up on friday. I convinced the new owner to let me keep it as I have to do another 3/4 trips to the skip to dump the remaining rubbish. The garden pond has been filled in and turfed. Numerous phone calls to all the utility companies made and bank/mortgage/credit cards informed of what i’m doing.

Christ this is all very hard work.

Got some travel vaccinations updated today – dead arm already so i’m glad I cut the grass earlier !!

Arranging to go………..

After many years of being a civil servant and doing the normal 9-5 job i’ve finally decided to jack it all in and do something completely different.
Having taken up a new hobby of sailing a couple of years ago I realised that’s where I really wanted to be in the future. I replied to an advert seen on Crewseekers concerning a trip leaving New Zealand and sailing to some fabulous places on route. Well to cut a fairly short story even shorter – I’m going.
Within a month i’ve given up my steady job, going to rent out my house, flying to the other side of the world, leaving friends and family behind, join some strangers on a boat and sail around the world (or at least a large part of it!).

Things are a little hectic right now to say the least…………

Travelling the world by sea……..(and a bit of land)

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