Oamaru New Zealand

Oamaru is a town on the east coast of the south island 120 kms north of Dunedin. Surprisingly it isn’t built on the side of a volcano, hill or even a small slope, it is infact quite flat and open. The town itself has  a great feeling of space with a very wide road running through it parallel to the coast.

There is a historical part of town with buildings reminiscent of english buildings from the 19th century.

oamaru new zealand

oamaru new zealand

oamaru new zealand

oamaru new zealand

Old Bedford truck –


Oamaru Steampunk museum, didn’t go in here but there were some weird and wondeful creations outside –

oamaru new zealand

Always good to have a coffee by the harbour and watch the world stand still –


Beyond the harbour there were two penguins colonies, a colony of little blue penguins lives in a disused quarry and a colony of yellow eyed penguins lives nearby on the coast. After a long walk to see the little blue penguins I realised that there was a visitor center building there and an admission to pay to see the little critters.

This is what they could have looked like –

oamaru little blue penguin

Oamaru Verdict – nice town on the east coast, wide open spaces, nice buildings, cafes by the sea, great coast line, has penguins, whats not to like ?!



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