Dunedin New Zealand

Dunedin is a town in the south east region of the south island and also the second largest city on the south island. Built on the side of extinct volcanos (again) it is obviously very hilly and you need to be fairly active to go on a walking tour around the town.

The town itself has a massive Scottish influence as European settlers came here in the early 1800’s and the Free Church of Scotland founded Dunedin in 1848. It is actually named after Edinbourgh as the Scottish Gealic for it is Dun Eideann. Many churches and other buildings are therefore reminiscent of similar european buildings of that time.

This is the main railway building, the first photo taken on a Scottish day, the second photo taken on a New Zealand day –

dunedin railway station

dunedin railway station

Churches galore !!




I seem to have taken more photos of the Speights brewery tour than I did the historical center of Dunedin !!

Speights brewery, Pride of the South !!

WP_002564For a review of the Speights brewery and the beer its sells see the Beer page of New Zealand.

You can also go and tour the Cadburys factory but as Cadburys has now been sold to the Amercians and they are changing the ingredients of it making it disgusting, I refused to set foot in the place.


Dunedin Verdict – historical town full of European influence, most things available, good sightseeing, good nightlife, one of the better towns on the south island.

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