Efate Vanuatu

Arrived in Efate, one of the Islands of Vanuatu. Got here at about 7 o’ clock in the morning after 48 hours at sea. The GPS was way out and had us going over land and up the high street, just goes to show don’t trust the techno stuff only as it can be wrong !

Found where we had to anchor the boat and await quarantine, two other boats were already there waiting. Being a saturday we were worried that we might get stuck at anchor over the weekend and not able to leave the boat. We had breakfast and a cup of tea and then a small battered yellow boat turned up with a couple of guys on board, one the driver the other the quarantine guy. He checked us over (believed everything we told him) and had a beer with us. As it was the weekend we had to wait until monday to see immigration and customs men but we were still allowed to leave the boat and go see the island, which was a bonus.

Sadly after calling ashore and speaking to somebody who said they could guide us to a proper mooring, nobody ever showed up !! Must have had a busy day i guess. The heavens opened around lunchtime and stayed with us for a few hours on and off. Think this was the rain that would have hit us on our way here had we left a little later. Wouldn’t have been nice sailing into solid rain so i guess we made the right call.

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