Chichen Itza Mexico

The next day i made the visit to Chichen Itza. An early morning bus ride got me to the site just after 8 o’clock which was great as there was only a few people in the ticket queue ahead of me. By the the time i went in the place was almost empty with only a couple of stall sellers setting up.
The main building El Castillo dominates the site –
The Great Ball Court, inside here housed an area of 168 by 70 meters intended for the games of the time –
┬áTemple of Warriors –
Temple Of Warriors - Chichen Itza
Chichen Itza

El Caracol (the snail) – believed to be a proto observatory as the windows and doors line up to astronomical events, especially the path of Venus. Weird to think that a lot of these ancient cities around the world have some sort of observatory, or that particular parts of the buildings or layout line up to various planetary happenings. They clearly had a good understanding of the stars, moon and suns all those years ago.

El Caracol - Chichen Itza El Caracol – Chichen Itza

No longer is anyone allowed to climb the steps of El Castillio, kind of correct i think.

The local iguanas are always ready to bath in the sun –

chichen itza

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