Chetumal to San Pedro, Belize

I left the coastal town of Tulum and the happy staff of Hostal Charlys (not) and boarded a bus to Chetumal. Chetumal is a town near the Mexico/Belize border where you can catch a ferry over to the islands of Belize, this is the normal Chetumal to San Pedro ferry route. I could have made a ferry the same day but decided to grab a night in Chetumal as you never know what happens when you decide to grab an extra night somewhere, meet an interesting person, meet a friendly local, find a great lively bar, anything can happen out of the blue.

OK, nothing much happened in Chetumal that night (and maybe it never does), i couldn’t even find a single bar to go and have a beer in, they were more like restaurants. There was however a little parade going on with lots of kids dancing and a few food stalls open down at the sea front which i think was the build up to a bigger event later in the week. A few places had been doing this and i think it was because of the build up to lent.

I left Chetumal after going through the Immagration procedures at the pier and jumped on the ferry taxi boat going to Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Immigration check point at Chetumal –

Chetumal to San Pedro
Chetumal Mexico
Chetumal to San Pedro
Chetumal Mexico

Mexico had been goid fun and i guess i only saw the touristy side of it but its probably a good destination to tour through in its own right. I enjoyed my stay in Valladolid which was an authentic local Mexican town, if they were all like that it would be a fun place to travel through.

Sometimes you just can’t help but take a photo of things, not sure what they were trying to achieve with this but maybe some sort of burger van ?!

Unknown Vehicle !


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