Bye bye Hong Kong

I awoke with a heavy head after a late night in the entertainment area.
Today was my last day in HK and the last day to finish off my trips with the Big Bus company. The green route took me from HK to Hong Kong island with the sandy beaches. Sadly the weather although warm was overcast and showery. Despite the threat of rain i sat in the open topped bus as we headed for the beaches at Stanly bay and Repulse bay.

One of the highlights of the green route was going to be a trip on a traditional Sampan boat. This turned out to be basically a crap old boat. The lady driving was far too busy eating to acknowledge us on board and as soon as the tour guide left the boat she rammed it in reverse whilst still eating her meal. It was interesting to see somebody drive a crap old boat that had two hand controls (one for the throttle, one for the steering) whilst still managing to shovel food in her face using chopsticks.

Big Bus tours Sampan Boat
Big Bus Sampan Boat


The second half of the trip was better as we headed in the other direction and saw the biggest floating restaurant i have ever seen in my life, quite an extraordinary sight.

hong kong floating restaurant
Floating Restaurant

She showed us the delights of the busy marina as she drove us through a lot of derelict boats, zig zagging to get the most distance she could in the small amount of space she had.

If you ever wondered how they did scaffolding in Hong Kong they use bamboo canes. I wondered how they would do it on higher buildings, well this one i counted over 30 storeys high !!

Hong kong
Bamboo scaffolding


I left the lady and the food behind to join my favourite red bus for the last time, i headed back to the ferry and back to my guest house.

More to add on this day but nearly time to get my flight to Auckland so i’ll update more later.

Looking forward to getting on the plane with my new favourite airline Cathy Pacific.

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