Auckland New Zealand.

Another good flight with Cathy Pacific. Met a nice lady who was going to New Zealand as her 93 year old dad had just been put into a care home. She was going back to sort some stuff out and visit family and friends. Funny how you get along with people some times with which you have nothing in common with. We chatted about all sorts including the funeral of Margaret Thatcher, the state of the economy, over population, the M25, and all sorts of other things.

This was mostly done whilst trying to explain to her how the entertainment system worked, shouldn’t have bothered as she got a book out and read that.

Landed in Auckland airport and it already felt like a friendly place. I thought I was going to get a lot of hassle as I only had a one way ticket it. Piece of cake, walked straight through with a quick chat to immigration. Bus into town and found the hostel easy enough.

The harbour area was only about 10 minutes walk away so very handy for most of the sight seeing trips. Unpacked, showered and went for a wander around town to get my bearings. Most of the streets down into town looked quite old fashioned compared to what we have got use to. All the people I met were polite and helpful. I knew I was in a nice place as the bus drivers do not have a cage built around them with shatter proof perspex. Had a couple of beers and wandered around town picking up tourist leaflets as I went. Saw a few things that sounded interesting so off to bed as my body clock had taken another shake up.

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