Wellington New Zealand

Arrived in Auckland but jumped straight on a connecting flight to Wellington on the bottom of the north island. ┬áIts strange that a capital city isn’t the biggest city in the country, is built on the side of mountains and extinct volcanos, and doesn’t really have a capital city feel about the place !!

It felt like a big town rather than a capital city, never particularly busy, quiet in the evening (apart from Cuba Street and Courtenay Place the only two real lively places in town) friendly people and easy to get around on foot. Because of all of this its quite often known as one of the coolest little capital cities.

Views from the lookout over Wellington –

Wellington New Zealand

Oriental Bay Wellington –


Views out to the airport –

wellington new zealand

wellington new zealand

One of the best sites to visit is the Te Papa museum, the museum of New Zealand which also incorperates the national art gallery. Various displays and exhibitions tell the tale of New Zealand, its cultures, people and beliefs. It also houses the largest specimen of the rare colossal squid, weighing in at a whopping 495 kilos and over 4 meters long !!

Most of Wellington city can be covered on foot if you are feeling energetic, even the walk out and up to the lookout points overlooking the city.

It was only a brief visit but a good start to my time in New Zealand. The south Island beckoned and i booked my ticket on the Bluebridge ferry to get me across the Cook Straight to Picton.

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