Sightseeing Brisbane Australia

The boat was left in Rosslyn Bay and I returned to Brisbane with the boat owners for a few days of city life.

There was now no need to immediately wash the knives, forks and dishes as they went in the dishwater, no need to put the hot kettle in the sink, no need to hold onto your mug of tea with both hands, things had changed. Five months living on a boat changes the things you do.

Bye bye Pacific Dream –


With three days to kill before my impending departure to (hopefully) the Solomons, I set off to explore Brisbane. I was here about 22 years ago but barely drove through the place, its risen from an almost outback town to a cosmopolitan city.

Large apartment complexes line the twisting river and skyscrapers rise up in the city center.




For a great view over the city you must go to Mt Coot-ha, car hill climbs are performed on the tight twisty road leading up to the top.


The city of Brisbane is quite compact, with everything being built around the rivers edge and the river bending back on itself more than once its all close by. Even amongst the modern office blocks and luxury apartments you can still stumble across the historic buildings nestled in their shadows –





There is more than one ferry service on the river and most points of interest can be easily reached within a short walk at the end. If you spend two or three days sightseeing around Brisbane you will definately find yourself using the river boat services, walking over two or three bridges, pounding the streets and pedestrianised shopping areas and walking along the south bank area, its easy to get around.

The south bank area is the heart of the arts and entertainment center, also filled with great green park areas its popular at the weekend for the locals to sit out and enjoy the weather, theres also a man made beach area.



The Beer Garden, popular with backpackers !!



Brisbane by night –


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