Mekong Delta Vietnam

With my visa soon to expire i had to leave Vietnam and think about my next stop. The easiest thing to do was to head into Cambodia which could be done by a variety of options including bus/coach/boat. I picked a 3 day trip which took me down through the Mekong Delta before crossing into Cambodia and onto the capital Phnom Penh.

The Mekong Delta is a region of southwestern Cambodia approx 15,000 sq miles in size, the Mekong river flows into and out of the area through a network of distributaries. Thousands of people rely on the river for their livelyhood and if they are not fishing or using the river for transport then they are farming on the fertile land nearby. Vietnam is now the biggest exporter of rice in the world having taken over from Thailand.

Life on the Mekong Delta, typical floating house –

mekong delta vietnam
Floating house boat

Lady selling hot noodle soup to the fish farm workers early in the morning –

mekong delta vietnam
Lady selling fast food on the river

The only way to some of the minority villages at the edge of the rivers, this would be flooded when the rains come –

mekong delta vietnam
Walk way to minority village

Down some of the smaller tributaries –

mekong delta vietnam
Smaller tributaries

The simple border crossing, bye bye Vietnam, hello Cambuchia !!

mekong delta vietnam
Border crossing into Cambodia

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