Lewoleba Lambata from Alor

We left Alor to travel the 80 odd miles to our next stop of Lewoleba ┬áLambata nestled in a bay next to a smoking volcano. It was an overnight trip as you can normally only expect to do about 60-70 miles during daylight hours. During the night on Brians watch he said he saw a volcano on an island we were passing that was throwing out lava, sadly as i wasn’t up and was catching up on sleep like the others. It was an easy passage but had to motor for a few hours due to the lack of wind.

We arrived in Lewoleba and found the anchorage, there were a few boats already there ahead of us. Either side of the bay were two huge volcanos, perfectly shaped with some small amount of smoke coming from both of them. The local people were as friendly as ever and hard rarely seen any tourists. The locals had again put on a show and dance for us and provided us with snacks and drinks during the afternoon. There was another gala dinner arranged for the evening but we had had enough of being ushered around and listening to numerous speeches so we had an early night back on the boat.

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