Leaving Noumea for the Loyalty Islands

I have been  staying on the boat here in Noumea for the last 2 weeks as the owners had returned to Australia as planned. Some jobs had to be sorted out other than that the time was my own. A new sail was delivered, some running rigging was repaired and the boat was re-provisioned (lots of shopping).

Now that the owner has returned along with one of the original crew members we will soon be leaving Noumea, (as in tomorrow), to head for the Loyalty Islands on the east of New Caledonia.  We will probably have a quick stop in Boise on the south of New Caledonia and then head to Lifou for a night. After that head up to Ouvea for a couple of nights before the journey to Vanuatu.

Normal things have to be done tomorrow before we leave, top up the fuel and water, go and see Immigration, Customs, then Harbour Master, final route planning and weather checks, and then we’re off !!

Have enjoyed my stay here, not a bad place to hang out for a while !!

Don’t forget to follow the progress of the boat here –

Lets see where they are !!




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