Leaving Jepara Indonesia 2013

Sadly our stop at Jepara had to come to an end and the guys came up trumps again on our last day. It was a Sunday so the guys got wet and drank Bintang, this time though they took out the Hobbie cats for a sail. These were small but very agile catamarans, i had never been on one so was looking forward to it. Rob asked me if i wanted to go out on the trapeze, this is where you strap yourself in and hang out over the side, of course i agreed as i wanted to experience it. You can’t help but get wet but it was great fun, we nearly capsized and i went around the back of the boat and got a dunking, all very normal though.

We went back to Robs house in the afternoon as he had laid on another BBQ for us and all the people from the sailing club turned up. It was a great day and sad that our stay had to come to an end. We got some great emails from the guys later saying how much they enjoyed our stay, think it gave them something else to do rather than the normal routine they were use to.

Jepara Sailing Club
Our last meal together
jepara sailing club
Our last meal


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