End of the line…………….

Well after travelling from New Zealand all the way up through to Thailand via 8 countries, nearly 7000 miles at sea, nearly 11 months with the same boat i decided to jump ship. A tough decision to make but thought it was for the best. Need to do something new, maybe find a new boat to crew on, maybe find my own, do some more overland travel, time will tell. Its been a great trip and been lucky to have been on a safe, well maintained ocean passage maker. Hope the next boat is as well looked after and sea worthy as Saol Eile was. Thanks to Paraic, Myra and Brian for a great trip.

Highlights of the trip were the fabulous friendliness of the inhabitants of Vanuatu, the wonderful scenary and diversity of Indonesia and its different island groups, and the other great people i met along the way who were enjoying the cruising lifestyle.

Fair winds my friends.

One thought on “End of the line…………….”

  1. Hi Simon,
    it’s been a great blog – I’ve been following it religiously without commenting, like loads of other people, I’m sure. Good luck with finding some new adventure to embark on – it doesn’t sound like a stint back in Worthing is on the cards just yet! When you do set off again keep up the blogging – I need my occasional dose of vicarious adventure to keep me going.

    Good luck and thanks again for the blog.

    John (from the Faro sailing week)

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