Efate to Epi Vanuatu

We left Efate and heading to the Island of Epi, about 100 miles north from us. As we couldn’t complete it during one day it was going to have to be an overnight trip.

We headed out mid afternoon on Sunday 9th June, weather was good, bright and sunny with a fair breeze to help us along. After we got out of the shelter of the island the seas picked up and so did the wind. I had the 5-9 shift and was glad it was over, or so i thought. It wasn’t so much the weather worsened but the seas were all over the place, very unconfortable, sometimes from behind, sometimes from the sides, sometimes banging into the waves, a really roly poly night was had.

We arrived in our anchorage at about 10 o’clock in the morning, a good time to arrive, everybody was tired and didn’t particularly want to do anything other than try and get a couple of hours sleep.

Around midday we got the dingy out and went ashore, not too much there but a few houses and up the road the Epi High School. The kids were on their lunch break, what a fabulous place to be when you are on the shores of what seems like a desert island to you and me. We had a wander around and talked to some of the locals who were as friendly as ever.

The guide books talked about going to see the dugongs, some odd sea creature that comes in to the bay to feed on sea grass. Apparantly there is one that has got so use to people it will turn over and you can rub its belly !! As i write this i still have no idea at all what they look like. An afternoon of relaxation was had on the boat as everybody still seemed tired from the night before. Dinner was had and washing up was done, it was very dark but still only 6.30 pm !!

More reading beckons

Epi Vanuatu
Epi high street !!


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