Cruising Norway Part 2

We moved the boat to the town that was hosting Sildajazz International Jazz festival – Haugesund. In previous years there had been so many boats moored together that you could walk from one side of the quayside to the other without getting your feet wet.

The jazz festival was in full swing but you seemed to have to buy a ticket to even get into the pubs if they had a band on. The quayside was full of restaurants and bars and they certainly filled up in the evening.

Cruising norway Haugesund

Cruising norway Haugesund

Haugesund norway

After returning to Leirvik to re-stock we travelled to the outer island of Espevaer. Espevaer island is part of Bomlo which is part of Hordaland county. Bomlo  consists of more than 900 islands most of which are small and unihabited.

Cruising norway espevaer

There was a completely automated pedestrian chain ferry on the island which everybody thought was great ! You put your 20 Krone coin in a slot and pushed a button. The ferry would come and get you and take you across to the other side. Simple – no man power needed !

Espevaer island norway

Refurbished grand house next to the water –

Espevaer island norway

Almost seemed like you were wandering around Scotland what with all the heather growing everywhere –


Small beach on the island –

Espevaer island norway

This was ‘allegedly’ the place of Espevaers UFO landing. Back in 1975 a local fisherman saw a light and a local dog which was not known for its barking – barked. A clear indication that something was not right and a UFO had landed. It was so heavy it left its imprint and you can see the oval ring shape still on the grass.

Espevaer island norway

Many inlets and lochs surround Espevaer –


Looking down on the small harbour on Espevaer island.

Espevaer island norway

Sunset at Espevaer –

Time to leave Espevaer but everybody had enjoyed going there. It seemed that quite a lot of homes were holiday homes and many were being refurbished to a high standard. An up and coming holiday island if it wasn’t one already.

We set off to the neighbouring island of Utsira. Not made famous for the 20, 000 herring fisherman who use to congregate there during the fishing season, but because its one (or two) of the north sea shipping forecast regions – North Utsira and South Utsira.

View from the lighthouse –

Utsira island norway

Utsira island norway

Not nearly as developed as Espevaer,  Utsira felt a little more remote and felt as though it had more local people living there rather than being a holiday island like Espevaer.

Our next stop was Skudeneshaven, a place recommended by a local couple who were sailing around. The place to moor was well protected as it was well away from any harbouf entrance and there were tall buildings at everyside.


Boat moored in Skudeneshaven –


Skudeneshaven norway sailing norway

Inside one of the entrances to Skudeneshaven harbour was this fantastic looking set of houses next to the waters edge. Certainly would have had their privacy as only accessible by boat.

Skudeneshaven norway sailing norway

The final stop of the 3 week trip was going to be Stavanger. The plan to go back towards Bergen changed so the boat was going to be moored up in Stavanger for a month. Stavanger was a popular destination for the cruise ships so you would quite often have up to 3 moored in the harbour area. A lot of people who work in the oil industry also live in Stavanger so it proved to be a very expensive place to stay.

The marina near to where we moored up –


Harbour front in Stavanger full of restaurants and bars –


My 3 week sail around parts of Norway had come to an end. It was an interesting trip having never come here before. Its obviously a very expensive place to come for any kind of extended holiday, everything is at least double if not treble the cost !! The fjords are stunning and due to Norways relative low population nowhere seems that busy and populated. The transport infrastructure is impressive what with long tunnels, big bridges, many ferries, all keeping people on the move between various islands.

Unfortunately they had not experienced a good summer so the weather wasn’t always great but you can’t have it all !!

Definitely a place to come back to and explore the more northern and remote regions.

Takk Norge !!

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