Change of Plans ??

After having chatted to a German couple on sunday morning another option presented itself to us which sounded quite appealing. We were supposed to be joining Sail Indonesia which would ensure our safe passage through Indonesia, this left Darwin and was the only reason we were doing the 2000 mile ocean trip across to the Torres Straights. Having talked to the German couple they were joining another rally which was organised by the original man who organised Sail Indonesia, apparantly there had been a falling out and they had gone their seperate ways. Joining this other trip meant we could join in Indonesia and didn’t have to start in Darwin. This means we can travel up to the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, two more countries to visit instead of 2/3 weeks at sea !! Now to investigate visas and stuff and see if its all do-able, things can change quite a lot whilst talking to other yachties !!

One thought on “Change of Plans ??”

  1. Wow! Another great opportunity for you mate!
    No point in going to Darwin if you don’t have too, the town holds nothing but sweaty Aussies..
    The sea around Darwin is full of Sharks, Crocs and Jellyfish…, not much space left in which to sail anyway…
    Have a great trip buddy.
    Phil, Amanda & Skye

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