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Greece to Montenegro via Albania.

After finishing with the previous boat in Corfu I headed back to Preveza. I was to pick up a boat and take it from Greece to Montenegro. A quick 40 minute flight and you are there.

Skyexpress from Corfu –

Leaving Corfu –

Greece to montenegro

Unfortunately as i was waiting at the carousel for my bag  in Preveza airport along with another couple, the plane revved up and took off. The couple were still waiting for one bag, i was waiting for all of my worldly posessions ! We looked at each other as we all realised what had happened. Off we went to fill out some forms and give our contact details. Fortunately i managed to get my bag back the next day !

There are three huge boat yards in Preveza filled with hundreds of boats. Whilst previously there i had got talking to a guy who needed help delivering a catamaran to Montenegro. It had spent the winter in Cleopatras marina and was just about to be dropped back in the water. It was a 46ft Robinson and Caine catamaran.

Greece to montenegro

After filling the tanks with fuel, topping up the water, refilling the gas bottles, buying some food and drink for the journey, it was ready to go.

First stop was just across the water to Corfu. We anchored on the other side of the old town in a large shallow harbour. The night was calm so we had a good nights sleep, we headed out the next morning to Albania.

Corfu Fortress from the harbour –

On our way to Albania we approached an area where the sea went from dark blue to a light green. We initially thought it was just a shadow caused by the clouds but it was a dead straight line. It was very strange and hadn’t seen anything like it – I still don’t know what caused it.

Greece to montenegro

Our first stop in Albania was going to be Orikum marina. There was more than one story on the internet about people checking in there so we were going to give it a go. As we approached the marina we told them of our intentions. A lot of communication happened but the gist of it was that we couldn’t check into Albania there, so we had to go to the port of Durres.

This was about an hour away and the sun was already going down. As we approached we realised it was a huge commercial port, the swell was coming in and the jetty walls were high. We struggled to get anybody on the radio and just shouted at people on the quayside. Finally we tied up along side but the swell had us riding high against the wall.

The skipper went ashore with the boat papers to do all the formalites. I waited nervously kicking the fenders back down between the boat and the quayside. Formalities done we were told we could go back to the marina but had to get in by sunset or we wouldn’t be allowed in. We dashed back watching the sun go down, which was disappearing fast ! Although the sun had set by the time we got there they still allowed us in and helped us secure the boat for the night.

Sun setting as we headed back to Orikum marina –

Sunset albania orikum marina

We stopped there for two nights before heading for our next stop of Bar. This was one of the main ports in Albania for commercial ships so we found ourselves dwarfed by huge tankers and cranes !!

Bar Albania

Two other sailing boats moored behind a big tanker –

Bar Albania

Bar Albania

After a one night stop in Bar we headed out for Montenegro. Although only a quick stop in Albania we managed to have some of the local beverage.

Tirana – the beer of Albania.

The landscape gradually changed and the hills soon became mountains. ‘Monetenegro’ translates to ‘black mountains’ and you could see why. We were headed for Porto Montenegro marina in Tivat which was inside a huge bay. Its a relatively new marina but quite a size. Lots of expensive shops but the restaurants and bars are still reasonably priced.

Porto Montenegro Marina Tivat –

Porto montenegro marina tivat

Porto montenegro tivat

Next – exploring Montenegro !!