A day of Rest.

Had a nice day today chilling out on the beach. Popped down the coast from the marina to where the local beaches are. Ths other crew member Brian had read about a place you could go snorkelling which was a short taxi boat ride from the beach. We jumped on a local bus that took us 10 minutes around the shore to where a couple of local beaches were. We took the taxi boat to Duck Island, a very small island where you can snorkel over a small reef, the reef was only about 15 yards from the shore !! The island itself had a restaurant/bar and sun chairs/umbrellas, you could walk around the whole place in 5 minutes !! It wasn’t busy so we found ourselves a couple of chairs and stayed put for the day. I think you are supposed to pay for the use of them but nobody asked so we didn’t. It was very hot, cool breeze, nice crystal clear chilly water. You only had to swim a few yards out to start seeing the fish in all their wonderful colours, shame i didn’t have an underwater camera – might invest in one of those. Went out a couple of times and marvelled at the variety of fish and colours, turned around and something caught my eye – a turtle !! I was swimming with a green turtle, he was about two feet long i think and kept looking over his shoulder when i got near. Highlight of the day. Went back to the boat and cooked steak for the other folk. Off for a couple of beers in the bar near the marina to think about my new little friend the green turtle.  photo IMG_0447_zps1e8917ea.jpg

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