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Leaving the house and friends behind…..

Well i left my little house looking very empty on Saturday 14th April. Sad to go in a way but i knew a new adventure and part of my life was about to begin !
My good friend and long time drinking buddy Dave very kindly gave me a lift to Heathrow accompanied by his fiance Kate. I thought it was very kind of Kate to have a 2 1/2 hour round trip with me to see me off. Little did i realise that she was coming along so she could go to Ikea on the way back ! Hope it didn’t cost you too much Dave !

Well Heathrow is an interesting place, or should i say the area around it – Solihull. Good god. Everything is run by Indians, including the pubs, they drink in them too which i thought was against their religeon ?

Had a few Guinesess and then couldn’t help myself as i walked back to my 36 pound room at the Travelodge to a kebab at the world renown Heathrow kebab center.

This is where the journey began –

heathrow kebab center

Leaving home……….

Well my house is very empty. Last item to go was my king size Silentnight bed, god i’m going to miss that bed !!

A bit sad to see it so empty and lifeless but time to move on and all that. Done the last bit of cleaning and read all the meters. Made all the last phone calls and put the rubbish out. Soon to be headed off to Heathrow for a night in the Travel Lodge before flying out to Hong Kong tomorrow lunchtime.

Bye bye little house, bye bye UK.