Bimini island And Cat CAYs.

Having left Ft Lauderdale it’s only a short crossing to the Bahamas. The west most point is Bimini Island which is only 55 or so nautical miles away. It is an easy day trip but we had to stop a couple of times due to some successful fishing so arrived at sunset.

Bimini ISLANDS bahamas

Unfortunately there was a very shallow entrance to the harbour which became even more of a problem with an extra red channel marker ! This marker was in a different place compared to where the chart had it so confused us greatly for some time. We later found out that it had moved from further up the island and hadn’t been repositioned – great help !

Because of this we spent a further hour trying to get into the harbour, it was so shallow in places we touched the bottom a couple of times. As it was dusk we really didn’t want to spend the night run aground so took our time.

Finally, wef made our way in but it was dark by then. We called a couple of the marinas, both by VHF radio and mobile telephone but nobody was answering. We continued to call and drive past a few but no one seemed to be around. As we were running out of patience we went back to one of the first marinas that had a free mooring on the outside and pulled up. A guy then appeared and said we could stay which was a relief.

Bimini ISLANDS bahamas

We were on the south of the North Island (if that makes sense !). It was very run down, partly due to a lot of it not being repaired since the last hurricane, and partly due to the fact that a huge Hilton resort had been built on the north of the island. I believe we were also slightly early in the season so the place hadn’t opened up yet.

The coastline was very rugged in places as has been proved by this broken up ship –

Bimini ISLANDS bahamas
Bimini ISLANDS bahamas

There were a few abandoned buildings on this side of the islands, no doubt battered by the weather over the years.

Bimini ISLANDS bahamas

We could see this deserted island from our boat, you could probably have walked to it at low tide.

Bimini ISLANDS bahamas

The local church and graveyard –

Bimini ISLANDS bahamas

There was a small ferry that would take you to the south island. There was a private resort that had been built but at the time hardly any were occupied. The resort also had it’s own sheltered marina but unfortunately not big enough to get our catamaran through the entrance ! The only problem with the place was it suffered from sand flies or nosemes (or whatever they were), they ate me alive ! They seriously fed on my legs and arms so much I couldn’t wait to get back to the north island where they didn’t seem to exist. If you gave me one of those condos for free I wouldn’t go and visit – they were that annoying to me !

Waiting for the ferry at the south island –

Bimini island bahamas

After a few days (we stayed a bit longer than anticipated due to some stormy weather) we headed out and went further south.

Not too sure I would head back to the Biminis if I were honest, not really enough there to see and not a great gateway to the Bahamas.

Leaving the marina-

Bimini island  bahamas

Saying goodbye to north Bimini –

A short hop south was the islands of Gun Cay and Cat Cay. The north island of Cat Cay is privately owned but it allows transiting vessels to stop overnight and use its facilities. This island is apparently home to the rich and famous but the staff weren’t letting on who lived or stayed there !

Approaching the entrance to Cat Cay –

Cat cay bahamas

The entrance between Gun Quay and Cat Quay can be treacherous if the conditions aren’t favourable.

Cat cay bahamas

As we arrived one of the guys that welcomed us told us that there were lots of sharks gathering because the fisherman were gutting fish. We went over to see some big nurse sharks and a bull shark. Apparently this is a daily event.

We spent the night in Cat Quay and used the bar and restaurant facilities but they didn’t seem too friendly there. Maybe it’s because we weren’t residents and ordered the cheapest thing off the menu ?! I dunno.

The next day the weather was good and we headed off for our next destination – Cuba !

Northern Sardinia

First boat trip of the year took a little while to track down but well worth the wait. A Benetau First 45 was requiring crew to sail around the northern tip of Sardinia. This boat is more of a racer/cruiser rather than a traditional cruising yacht.

I met the owner and his motley crew in the bar at Wetherspoons at Stanstead airport. We flew into Olbia and got a taxi to Porto Torres, about 45 minutes away. Porto Torres is a port on the north west tip of Sardinia, large ferries come in from Corsica and the Italian mainland.

A short walk from the marina and port are some nice secluded beaches. There are some remains from Roman buildings by the sea, apparantly the only evidence of the Romans in Sardinia.

Our first night away we found a secluded inlet where we stayed for the night, very peaceful.

When we left the next day we saw these big guys hanging around not doing much. They were waiting for some wind so they could go racing. Alas the wind never came so they had to abandon the race. These boats were big, like really big ! Must have been 200ft long with a couple of dozen crew onboard.

The yachts undoubtable came out from Porto Cervo which is the expensive town of Sardinia. Its the place rich people like to be seen in !!

Purely by chance i managed to meet my cousin whilst i was in Sardinia. He was arriving into Alghero to attend a lecture at the university. Fortunately i was flying out of Alghero the next day so dinner was on the cards.

Old town Alghero –

Alghero old town

Alghero old town

Looking back at Alghero –Alghero

Watching the sunset from the restaurant –

Never worked out why all the lanterns were out, i’m sure there was some sort of festival on. Looked good at night time –

After a few days of sailing the boat returned to Porto Torres. I remained onboard for another few nights doing a few odd jobs and cleaning the boat for its next adventure.


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